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CZ Card - Healthy Lasting Weight Loss by Cuzco Artist Channeller ( Teresa Rubiolo )

EUR 100.00

year 2023

For a healthy and lasting weight loss the keyword are: 
Drains ,Protects and Reinstatement

For a  healthy and lasting weight loss It is important 
 a healthy diet,  eliminate impurities and harmful toxins
 by expel excess liquids and fat, but when excess liquids are eliminated,  sometime  too many essential nutrients are also expelled making it necessary to fast reinstatement.

The powers  channeled in this CZ Card they can are useful to  protects the bladder  ,  to performs a protective action on the kidneys by promoting the elimination of liquids to maintain and regulate a good  function of your body, they can  performs a detoxifying action with  antioxidant properties and support in the replenish and promotes normal metabolism , to promotes the necessary  weiht loss ,and stabilize your ideal weight ,keep blood pressure stable and more.

After you have received the attunement, through focus on the image of the CZ Card you can ask that the powers flow into your etheric body with their powerful vibrational frequency and you can feel guided you to find much uses of these energies in a targeted way for your specific needs .

You receive CZ Card JPG Image  ,pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement.

an emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready

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