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Gift for Kind Heart by Ekaterina Fedosova

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year  2023 -  euro 29

The flow of Gifts for kind Heart comes from the source of the balance of the universe, God the creator, angelic realms and divine gifts.

The flow brings the equivalent, the balance of receiving - giving, everything in your heart will get a balance.

Often people feel and think that they deserve the best, life deprives them, good, positive energies do not come to them, avoid and do not create balance.

Such a misalignment can occur for many reasons, but the flow of Gifts for kind Heart will bring balance to your energy system, clear the channel of Gifts from blocks and obstacles inside and around you.

Apply the flow constantly until your energy systems get used to the divine flow of energies, energies of gifts, well-being.

Your heart chakra will receive purification, expansion, balancing, restoration of the flow of energies, your heart will be freed from negativity, the traumatic experience will be washed away, your heart will be free again, it will be easy to beat.

If your heart is compressed, "stony", scared, traumatized, filled with fears, then constant practice in the flow will help gently, persistently, rapidly heal its healthy functions.

The flow will help to free the heart, soul, energy from evil, envy, anger, resentment, malicious wishes, spoilage, curses, thieves for happiness, love and health.
Apply the flow consistently, periodically, so that the results could please you as soon as possible.

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