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Experience Emotions Reiki by Ekaterina Fedosova

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year  2023 -  79 euro 

To Experience Emotions Reiki helps not only to get rid of emotions, but also to survive them safely.

There are many rituals and traditions in behavior in the modern world. There is an unspoken ban on emotions, on their free expression.

When you are angry at someone, you cannot attack a person and do harm, you cannot beat up an offender, you cannot cry at work in front of other people if you are told off by your boss. Often we want to look calm, confident and not show that we have been harmed, not to show tears when everything inside is crying, when rage, resentment sharpens.

Sometimes there may be a ban on bright manifestations of joy in some situations, or you are just a modest person and are not used to showing your emotions, you are afraid to share your experiences with others.
The energy to Experience Emotions Reiki will help you let go of all these accumulated emotions.

It is necessary to work with the flow for at least two or three months , then the energy will carefully and safely release your body and soul from accumulated emotio

see more in the pdf manual 

You receive pdf manual, and Chi Ball Attunement

an emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready.

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