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Amulet of Ganesha by Ekaterina Fedosova

EUR 25.00

year  2023 - 49 euro 

The flow of the Amulet of Ganesha comes from the source of the gift of God Ganesha, divine energies, with the support of the angelic kingdoms.

The flow gives prosperity, abundance, cash receipts, protection of your well-being, the well-being of your home and family.

The amulet attracts success, removes obstacles to success and receiving gifts from higher powers, dispels darkness, causes of failure, money blockades.

The flow is ideal for creating and charging amulets, charging any objects, spaces and rooms.

Amulet of Ganesha will bring the discovery of new flows and channels for the flow of money, abundance into your life.
Summon the Amulet in difficult situations, discord, disintegration, ruin and collapse.

The energies harmonize the situation and help to get out of the energies of poverty and abandonment.

The light and grace of God Ganesha, his help and support will come to you through his channel Amulet of Ganesha.

You receive pdf manual,  and Chi Ball Attunement

an emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready.

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