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The Sword of Archangel Michael by Rishi Rohit Sharma

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Date Channeled – 12th May 2023  - 99 $

"In the presence of Archangel Michael's sword, fear fades, and strength emerges."

The Sword of Archangel Michael is a  symbol that has held deep significance in various spiritual and religious traditions throughout history. Revered as a celestial warrior, Archangel Michael wields this radiant blade as a symbol of divine protection, courage, and spiritual intervention. The sword is not merely a physical weapon but a representation of spiritual power and the embodiment of Archangel Michael's role as a defender against darkness and evil forces.

The sword associated with Archangel Michael embodies profound symbolism and importance. It represents divine authority, courage, strength, spiritual protection, and transformative potential. As we contemplate the symbolic power of the sword, we gain a deeper understanding of Archangel Michael's role as a guardian, leader, and guide in the realm of spirituality. By embracing the essence of the sword, we invite Archangel Michael's transformative energies into our lives, empowering us to overcome obstacles, embrace our inner strength, and walk the path of light and righteousness.

These powers brings Divine Authority and Leadership,
Courage and Strength,Spiritual Protection and Divine Intervention,Cutting Energetic Cords and Transformation,
lluminating the Path and Dispelling Darkness

see  much more in the pdf manual of more of 85 pages

You receive pdf manual,  and Chi Ball Attunement

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