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Parrot Of Kamadeva by Rishi Rohit Sharma

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 Channeled – 10th March 2023  - 96 $

When we call Parrot of Kamadeva; it brings 3 powers to us. It brings Kamadev, Goddess Rati and energies of the parrot itself too. So, it brings a complete joy, entertainment, pleasure, and love to your doorsteps. 

Some benefits are:

Healing: this system is very powerful in emotional healing.

Ignite passion: Improve relationship with spouse

Enhance your Physical beauty and Aura: 
Brings love in your life:

Better relationships:

Helps in desire fulfillment of matters related to love, romance and sex.
Improvement in relationship with spouse.
There will be positive development in marriage related matters.
For getting loving husband or wife.
For beauty and good appearance.
Change of luck.
For happy and loving relationships
For charming personality.
For enhancing attraction powers and getting favors from others.
For desire fulfillment.
Increases the self-awareness of our attractiveness and impression.
To enhance attraction powers.
Help to change the thinking of others and make them favorable.
Your lover will be strongly attracted to you.
For blessings of physical beauty, progeny & spouse.
The relationship will mature and grow stronger.
No third person can interfere into your relationship.
To solve the problem of delayed marriages.
Your love will remain strongly connected in each other’s hearts forever.
Your life will be filled with love.
The person gets the blessing of Kamdev god.
Person is able to overcome from the problems of lack of love in life.
This spell helps to attract the person whom we love.
It helps to resolve the conflicts between partner.
  is able to enter in the divine world of love.

You receive pdf manual,  and Chi Ball Attunement 

an emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready.

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