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In the brain we have magnetic crystals that function like tiny antennas in the brain, responding to the slightest fluctuations in electric and magnetic fields. Professor Kirschvink has found a large number of these antennas in the human brain - about five million magnetite crystals per gram of brain mass. This event affects the outer tissue layers of the cerebrum and cerebellum, except for the two meninges that protect the brain.

Between these two protective membranes is the cerebrospinal fluid with a staggering 100 million of these magnetite crystals per gram. Measurements have shown that the crystals come together in groups of 50 to 100 particles. These units in the brain are much more sensitive than ordinary bi-magnets and react much more sensitive than the best technical compass!

These "antenna particles" make us sensitive to electromagnetic fields, both natural and man-made. In interaction with the pineal gland (epiphysis), measurable physical reactions to electromagnetic fields occur. In the pineal gland, one of the most important brain glands, researchers suspect the so-called "3. eye", which reacts not only to light but also to magnetic fields.

In laboratory experiments, these magnetite crystals, which have been isolated from the brain substance, could already be moved by magnetic fields. These magnetic fields were only slightly stronger than the Earth's actually weak magnetic field.

Professor Kirschvink examined seven deceased patients; Tissue samples were taken from their brains 12 to 24 hours after their deaths. Alzheimer's disease was suspected in four patients, in the other three no differences compared to the patients in the magnetic characteristics could be determined.With this system you’ll clean away all these and their bad effects.

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