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THE POWER OF 786 by Rishi Rohit Sharma

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Date Channeled – 19th Feb 2023  -founder Rosy Rana Ji.

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The numbers play a very important role in the universe. Nothing is possible without numbers. They carry special frequency, vibes, or energy. Some numbers have such strong vibrations that they are called lucky numbers or angle numbers.

What is the mystery behind 786?

The 786 number meaning is not constant and is changing ever so much across several religions. This special number is not just lucky in Hinduism but is also a lucky number for Muslim people. According to several beliefs and theories, the Hindu, Christian, and Muslim number 786 is an essential part of these cultures and the Universe.

This system has numerous benefits 

Breaking habits: To break any habit we need to connect our Body, Heart, Mind, and Spirit.  When we connect all these with the system of 786 the spiritual energy flows through us and help us in breaking old nonfunctioning pattern and habits.
Luck: It is believed that the energy of system 786 brings luck to your life.So, the power of 786 will boost your luck and you will get abundance and prosperity in your life.
Hope: Hope is a way of thinking that pushes us to action. Research finds that when people have hope, they’re more likely to make their goals a reality. 
So, this energy is very helpful in making this possible.

Happiness: True happiness is when everything is balanced. The crown chakra is linked to spiritual realms and the root chakra is linked to the materialistic world. The heart chakra in the center is the key to balancing everything and getting true happiness in our life. The energies of this system will bring true happiness into our life.
Healing: This system is capable of healing and removing blockages that might be stopping you to attain your true spiritual or materialistic goals.
Kundalini Awakening and Strengthening: The energy of this system is very powerful and will aid in Kundalini awakening and strengthening.
Abundance: The energy of this system will bring abundance and prosperity to your life.
Spirituality: It will increase your faith in God and will bring you closer to the source.

Blood Pressure: Energies of this system may help in maintaining optimal blood pressure and bringing healthy life patterns to your life.
Wish fulfillment: The energies of this system are also helpful in getting your desires or wishes fulfilled.

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