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Kaal Bhairav Kavach by Rishi Rohit Sharma

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99 $ year 2023

A protective shield from black magic, accidents, misfortunes & evil spirits.

Founder of this system – Ms. Rosy Rana 

Kavach in simple terms is a protective shield that protects your etheric and spiritual body including aura and also during astral travel. The main purpose of Kavach is to protect and defend the practitioner.
In Hinduism, for each Deity, there is a specific Kavach that will function in a specific way.
The Kavach is a combination of mantras or yantras that protects the practitioner from all directions, as well as, each body part by strengthening the energy barrier in each part of the subtle body and on the whole as well. Each Kavach of a different Hindu deity has a different quality of strength and function depending on the powers of that deity.


Kaal Bhairav Kavach has numerous benefits. Some of them are listed here.
Blessings of supreme protection against all negativities such as black magic and the evil eye.
For health, wealth, prosperity, and wish fulfillment. Destruction of ego and progress in one’s spiritual journey.
Devotees offering their prayers to Lord Bhairav will benefit as the deity blesses them with time management skills.
He will help his devotees get rid of anger, greed, and lust and overcome all kinds of addictions.
He is a true guardian and protector whose blessings if you take them before commencing a journey assure safe travel.
Worshippers will also get relief from serious illnesses, be cured of mental disorders, and will be bestowed with health, wealth, and prosperity.
It is believed that worshipping Bhairav gives the devotee peace, prosperity, success, and progeny.
The powerful God is also believed to protect his devotees from premature death, sadness, tragedy, and debt.
Bhairav is considered to be the ultimate form for attaining liberation. He is the One that grants the awareness of pure consciousness.
He is the giver of wealth and prosperity. People believe that praying to him on Tuesdays, grants them immediate and effective results.

more info in the manual

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