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REIKI SPARKLES by Rishi Rohit Sharma

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 Date Channeled – 18th Jan 2023   33 $

A beautiful energy packed with Joy, Happiness & Healing.

This energy is a boon for healers and other people who feel drained or low after performing some healing work


Sparkle can also refer to joy or merriment. When you're having a really good time, your face will sparkle. Sparkle means to be lively and excited, or to be so brilliant at something that you shine above the rest. No matter what is going on in our life, we all deserve a little sparkle. This energy is purely uplifting and will bring Joy, Happiness, and Healing.

Reiki Sparkles benefits:

1. Healing: Reiki Sparkles have pure reiki energy so they are capable of healing physical and emotional issues.

2. Happiness: Whenever we are happy, we always give our best. Reiki Sparkles has the energy of happiness and can help you to achieve your goals with ease.

3. Confidence: Reiki sparkles will increase your confidence and you shine like a diamond.

4. Hidden Talents: Reiki sparkles will ignite your hidden talents and qualities that will change your life. This energy will also boost your lower three chakras.

5. Enlightenment: Reiki sparkles will bring enlightenment and you will be able to understand yourself your surroundings and this universe in a better way.

more info in the manual

You receive pdf manual,  and Chi Ball Attunement

an emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready.

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