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TH E 7 CH IL IE S & TH E L E MO N by Rishi Rohit Sharma

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Date Channeled – 10th Jan 2023 - 39 euro

A Complete protection from evil eye and misfortunes

The 7 Green Chilies & The Yellow Lemon is an evil eye warder/evil eye protector which defends and protects us against the evil eye. This talisman is extensively used  to get rid of the evil eye. Its literal meaning is “far be the evil eye”. 
. There are lot of types and forms of this talisman but the common one is made with 7 green chilies and a lemon. It is also called “Nazar Battu” which is used to ward off the evil eye.

The evil eye is a harmful look, stare, or gaze which may be intentional or unintentional resulting in disease, negativity, bad luck, or disgrace to the person or thing on which it is cast intentionally or unintentionally. The evil eye is mostly brought by people that have spite, grudge, desire, and jealousy against the person. All these emotions towards a person transforms itself into a curse which then causes harm to that person and changes its good luck and success into bad luck and failures.

Benefits :

Energies of “The 7 chilies & Lemon” is the best way to fight the evil eye. This is a very easy system and it does come with a symbol. You can use this symbol on your pictures before or after posting them on social media. You can also activate the energies anytime if you feel that some evil eye is affecting you.
One can easily use these energies and stay protected from the evil eye. You can also protect your home business, office, shops, and expensive stuff like cars, purses jewelry, etc. from evil eye and negative energies.

much more in the manual.

You receive pdf manual, and Chi Ball Attunement

. An emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready

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