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ORB OF OM by Rishi Rohit Sharma

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Om, written as ॐ , is a cosmic sound, rich in meaning, represents the formless aspect of God, pervading all of creation – as per the Hindu Vedic scriptures.

Benefits of Orb of OM?

ॐ Om itself is a powerful mantra/sound. It is the seed of transcendental sound, and it is through transcendental sound one can transform the mind and the senses. When it is used as an Orb it becomes even more powerful and brings the materially absorbed mind under control, which enables a person
to have a one-pointed focus toward spiritual realization. Orb of OM has numerous benefits and some of them are outlined here.

 1. Universal Access: We see the universe in three dimensions but a lot of people believe that the Universe has many dimensions and they even propose the theory of multiple universes too. The basic three dimensions are more linked to the materialistic aspect of this universe but when we are traveling on the path of Spiritual awakening we sometimes have to travel to other dimensions. Orb of Om is the key here that can unlock other worlds and dimensions for you. Not only it will unlock the door of other dimensions but it will also protect you in whatever dimension you are traveling.

2. Chakra Activation & Balancing: Orb of OM is connected to all the chakras of the body. The Orb of Om is very useful in activation, cleaning, and balancing these chakras. The vibrations of the OM can activate and clean the chakras quickly. When it is used as Orb of OM it becomes even more powerful and can even activate your Kundalini sometimes.

3. Removes Negativity: Orb of Om is. A powerful tool to remove negativity from your physical and etheric body. It can be used to clean your aura and patch aura leaks.

4. Strengthen Lungs and Heart: Orb of Om when activated and used daily along with the specific meditation will help to improve the lungs and heart health. It also strengthens your mind and brings positivity in your life.

5. Stress Reduction: Orb of Om acts as a catalyst in reducing stress and anxiety. Orb of Om energy is soothing. It has the energy of the three worlds so it balances your emotions and calms your mind.

6. Detoxification: Regular activation and practice of Orb of Om will increase blood and oxygen circulation in your body. It will aid in removing toxins from your body and you will feel more refreshed rejuvenated and active.

7. Protection from Black Magic: I have always said that black magic is a trap and illusion. It disconnects you from white light and source. Magic itself means that what you are seeing or experiencing is not happening. With regular practice of Orb of OM, you will be connected to white light and source, also it will help you to concentrate your mind and will bring more awareness and alertness. Thus, the effects of any Black magic you have will be nullified. You can also use the Orb of Om with Shiva or Kali. Both deities are very powerful in protecting us from Black Magic.
8. Connects you to your higher self: The vibrations of the Orb of OM, are connected to the heart, throat, and crown chakras, which are related to higher consciousness or your higher self. A deep connection with the higher self is very important in spiritual practices.
9. Cleaning surrounding Environment: Orb of Om cleanses the energy of the space allowing positive and healing energy to radiate not only for but also for the people or environment around you. It produces immense positive vibrations which charge up the entire vicinity. It removes the negativities circulating in the surrounding environment. Also, it will maintain or prevents positivity from leaving your aura or the environment around you.
10. Protection during Eclipse: During Solar and Lunar eclipses the negative energies are very dominant and are much scattered. Especially during the Lunar eclipse, these negative energies can harm us badly as the moon is directly linked to our mind. So, this can cause an emotional imbalance that can cause stress, anxiety, and disharmony in our life. Activating and Meditation on the Orb of Om during the eclipse may protect you from these ill effects.

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