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THE HOLY GANGA by Rishi Rohit Sharma

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year 2022 - 60 euro 

A Complete Spiritual Cleaning and Purification.

The Ganga is a large sacred river that flows through India and Bangladesh, emptying into the Bay of Bengal. In English, the river is known as the Ganges. Among Hindus, it is also called Gangaji or Ganga Maiya (Mother Ganga).

The Religious Connection
The Ganga is the only river that flows from all the three worlds - Heaven/Swarga, Earth/Prithvi, and Hell/Patala.

from the manual :

Some Benefits of The Holy Ganga while using this system.


1. Purification:  Ganga water is considered to be not only clean our physical body but also our soul and etheric body. Holy Ganga can be used for purification purposes.

2. Cleaning: Ganga water is used for cleaning the body, belongings, and home. You can use Holy Ganga to clean your home, physical things, and even crystals. It has magical properties and can remove negativity.

3. Immunity: Holy Ganga can increase your immunity and can protect you from various diseases.

4. Rejuvenation: Holy Ganga works in a magical way to refresh and rejuvenate you.

5. Negative thoughts: Holy Ganga can help in removing and reducing negative thoughts, depression, and low self-esteem.

6. Chakra cleaning: The holy Ganga is very helpful in cleaning your chakras and rebalancing them.

7. Evil eye Protection: The holy Ganga water has magical properties that can nullify any evil eye.

8. Get rid of Scary dreams: The Holy Ganga give respite from scary and bad dreams.

9. Success: Rivers have been used by humans for transportation. Rivers signify movement and achieving goals. The holy Ganga may assist you in reaching your goal faster and getting name fame and success in life.

10. Business: The holy Ganga help in cleaning any negativity from the work place, business place, or home and thus boosting sales and improving social life.

11. Fitness: It is Elixir for excellent digestion and keeps you fit. It also reduces acidity and stomach disorders.

12. Health: The Holy Ganga is excellent for Diabetes, Kidney, Asthma, Arthritis, Liver, Stomach Disorders, Gastroenteritis, etc. It is also helpful in Skin disease, fungal skin infections, and bacterial infections.

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