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Ringing of Bell Reiki by Ekaterina Fedosova

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year 2022 -  70 euro

The Ringing of Bell Reiki comes from the source of reiki, highest masters, angels, archangels, God.
The  attunement  carries vibrational high-frequency purification, filling, the ability to send messages and desires. The high frequencies of the bell clear the space from any forces of evil, aggression; cheerful chime frees of bells from depression, gives hope, the discovery of connection with higher forces, God, fills with divine frequencies, high vibrations.
The energy Ringing of the Reiki Bell carries all the benefits of the bell ringing of large resonators of bells and small cheerful iridescent bells, bells of serious prayer, Tibetan, Chinese, Slavic, even sea rynda. The sound of any bell ringing, calling, calling, sending your prayer to heaven, helping the soul to find the way home - everything is in this stream and more than that you can discover in practice.
Summon the energies for:
- clearing the house, your life path for happiness, love, money, wealth, abundance, etc.
- purification of the body and energy systems from low vibrations of diseases of any type
- purification and expulsion of settlers, low-frequency creatures, connections
- destruction of magical attacks, influences, rituals, programs, etc.
- ascension to heaven of prayers, wishes, messages
- connection with the heavens
- increase of personal vibrations and vibrations of things, space
- liberation of the mind, mind, consciousness and subconsciousness from negative low vibrations, thoughts, thought forms
- tuning yourself and the space to the vibrations of beauty, rejuvenation, healing
- tuning your frequencies and spaces for wealth, abundance, money, prosperity of affairs
Ring of Bell Reiki call anywhere, anytime. In meditations, call for connection and receiving messages from the higher powers of light.
Explore the flow, it unfolds for everyone in its own way.

You receive pdf manual, and Chi Ball Attunement.

An emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready.

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