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0 6 Spiritual Gifts Attunements Package by Marijana Gabrielsen manuals in German

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White Rose of Abundantia :Message from Abundantia: “Prosperity lies in peace. Let the flower of peace grow in you and your abundance will flourish. Peace is what is necessary for the world.”

White Feather of Lanto Great for writers, to be able to more easily express words, thoughts and the inner world.

 White Butterfly of Hera. For the protection of children, fertility, spreading joy to the world and to awaken the inner child.

White Scarf of God Mercury. To purify the words we speak, so that our words will be full of beauty and generosity! Connected to the Throat chakra. White Rainbow of Zeus. Hope, deep transformation, for cleansing rooms and yourself. Any energy that is negative and black will turn into a white sparkling color.

White Swan of Palea. For abundance, beauty, and glory!

White Book of Hestia. Metaphorically "To write nice family memories". To have a good relationship with your family members and to "write a story" that is good. Connected to the heart chakra.

You receive pdf manuals,  and Chi Ball Attunements

 an emailed will be sent to you when your attunements are ready.

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