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Crown Breeze by Marijana Gabrielsen

EUR 5.00

Crown Breeze is a thick, deep, white energy connected to the crown chakra. When using this energy you might feel tickling as it opens the crown chakra, widens it, and also connects you to the divine. Although it's working on your crown chakra, you are not going to feel disconnected to the ground. That is a nice thing about this energy because it gives you the ability to be grounded and to be connected to the source at the same time. Connection to the source is very important when it comes to your goals because you get clear information within yourself about what your mission and path are. Using the “Crown Breeze” you are going to achieve your goals easier and get inspiration about your life course, path, and mission. Furthermore, you are going to feel how to connect to the divine inside yourself. 

You receive pdf manuals,  and Chi Ball Attunements 

an emailed will be sent to you when your attunements are ready.

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