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Zadkiel's Maroon Cape by Marijana Gabrielsen

EUR 5.00

Zadkiel's Maroon Cape: This is truly interesting and unique energy because it connects you with your guardian angel! The energy is concentrated on your back taking off the burdens we might pick up through life. It is deep-colored and protective energy.When asking questions about your life, do not expect them to be answered when you want. Let the energy flow and let the angels and God decide when the best time is. That is crucial for healing so you are detached from your ego. . This energy cleanses us as well, so you are more prone to receive healing, inspiration, and clairvoyant abilities. The energy is very warm because of the deep red, and violet colors that are usually connected to the lower chakras. The heat goes on your back, shoulders, and hands and it is very good for giving healing on the back when you heal your clients. 

You receive pdf manuals,  and Chi Ball Attunements 

an emailed will be sent to you when your attunements are ready.

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