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Yamabushi Shinto Reiki By Peter Aziz

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Yamabushi Shinto reiki was founded by Peter Aziz, after almost 40 years of training in Japanese martial arts and Shinto healing and spirituality, including reiki and the older Shinto practices from which reiki evolved. The Yamabushi, meaning mountain sleepers, are traditional Shaman of Japan, and are the original spiritual tradition from which the ninjas evolved. Peter While deep in meditation, on retreat on Mount Kurama, a sacred mountain with wonderful Shinto shrines, which is also the mountain on which master Usui first brought reiki through, he was awakened to a much deeper level of reiki, and was told to pass on this deeper power, as the tradition had become diluted. He was empowered by Haku-zu and Tengu, the God of Mount Kurama, who is a warrior God well known to Ninjutsu.
During attunements in this system you are initiated to Haku-zu and Tengu, and brought under their protection and guidance. We follow an already known system of grandmaster levels up to level 18, but try to keep to a more traditional Shinto understanding of the powers involved.

 in the manual The  kanji descriptions  to levels 5 – 18.
 and one mantra that  bring many blessings. 

You receive pdf manual,  and Chi Ball Attunement 

an emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready.

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