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DIVINE LIGHT BEING Attunement by Savitri Sriharan

EUR 9.99

What can this attunement initiate?

Spiritual Transformation on a very deep level, initiating radical changes in one’s personal life

Activation of your Light Body to match your new vibrational frequency
Recalibrating your DNA to receive more Light
Activating your cells to vibrate on a Light & Love frequency.
Opening oneself up to Universal Consciousness & Wisdom
Activating all chakras to synchronise with a Higher Purpose
Integrating the Soul to perform from a place of non-duality, transcending fear.
All main chakras within the human physical vessel are activated.
o The crown opens to receive the Divine Light
o The Third Eye opens to have New Paradigm Vision
o The Zeal Point opens to your Higher Self
o The Throat opens to speak with Pure Integrity and Truth
o The Heart opens to the world
o The Solar Plexus opens to release all past pains
o The Sacral opens to honour ones’ sacredness
o The Root opens to connect to Divine Mother earth to complete the connection.
Increase in Intuitive Abilities
Increase in sensitivity of your Energetic Body
Expansion of your Auric field
Synchronisation with the Universe, resulting in much more frequent synchronicities
A Deeper Sense of Knowing of why and how your current experiences have been manifested; thus allowing for quantum healing of these experiences with the power of your awareness
Changes in your external reality
Connection to a much higher and deeper reality
Access to the Greater Unknown that lies waiting for the Conscious Multidimensional Being

you receive pdf manual,  and Chi Ball Attunement.

An emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready

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