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7 Rainbow Rays Attunements by Marijana Gabrielsen

EUR 9.99

Sunray from Solar Angels. Pure, warm energy of the sun. Connected to the Solar Plexus. Excellent for enhancing your will power, to bring your energy "back to life", to be able to concentrate all your energy into one goal and for strength in general. The energy is also about life purpose and how you work on your life mission. 

Blue ray from Archangel Michael. It serves as a protection from negativity, especially from personally created negative thoughts.  

Red ray from Master Buddha. A red sparkling ray, connected to root chakra. Connecting and grounding you to Mother Earth. It helps you to achieve a deep meditative state and calmness. To be like the Buddha.

Purple ray of Zadkiel. A violet ray connected to the Crown Chakra. Helps you to achieve a clear and peaceful mind.
Orange ray of Lanto. This energy is for abundance, sexuality and everything connected to the sacral chakra. It cleanses and purifies the sacral chakra. It helps you to work in perfect moderation and peace and to be in alignment with the other chakras.

Green ray of Lady Nada. Helps to achieve peace in the heart and oneness with your pure essence. With pure love, to fully open up the heart chakra and connect with others in a perfect flow.

Indigo ray from Metatron. Indigo Ray with white sparkles, connected to the Third Eye chakra. It opens up your third eye and inner vision. It strengthens your ability to "see through" and to "see beyond". Example to see people, as what they truly are.

You can combine all these rays in one go or you can do the rays for each chakra separately. 

you receive pdf manual,  and Chi Ball Attunement.

An emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready

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