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Healing power vegetables by Christiana Kluge

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A diet with vegetables is very healthy and contains a lot of vitamins.
Vegetables contain a lot of light energy.
Celery, carrots, beets, etc. are blood counts that provide energy and essential nutrients to the entire system, thus promoting our health.
Two factors make vegetables particularly interesting as medicinal plants: 
On the one hand, the high content of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, vegetable fats and proteins in a compact form offers everything a person needs to (survive) life and at the same time ensures a balanced acid-base balance. 
Some Healthy Reasons to “Bite the Vegetables” 

⦁  Supply of essential minerals and vitamins 
⦁  deacidification of the organism 
⦁  Relief of the digestive system through alkalizing effect 
⦁  Stabilization of the immune system 
⦁ Stress  reduction, brightening 
⦁ Tissue protection  and repair 
⦁  Circulation promotion, blood formation support 
⦁ Powerful  antioxidant 
⦁  Reduction in blood lipid levels 
⦁  Reduction of the risk of thrombosis 
and more!

Why this energy?
Very simple....not everyone has a garden, but with this energy you can energize the vegetables when you bought them and drain pollutants and toxins, so your vegetables, salad have energies that are important for your body again.

You receive pdf manual,  and Chi Ball Attunement.

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