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Etheric 852hz Intuition Expansion Vibration by Amanda Adley

EUR 18.00

year 2022 - 18 euro 

The energies of this attunement etherically connect you with the uplifting, healing vibration of 852hz, to expand your intuitive
abilities, help enable clear thought and restore spiritual balance and harmony. The energies of 852hz work with the 3rd eye
chakra and the colour indigo.

Uses of 852hz Intuition Expansion Vibration

-reawaken intuition and psychic abilities
-return to our true spiritual nature
-balancing and aligning 3rd eye chakra
-experience the interconnectivity of all things
-communication with guides and spiritual realms
-to release negative thoughts and thought patterns
-to have clarity and be more perceptive
-experience peace and harmony

You receive ,pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement.

an emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready

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