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Ancestral Healing & Protection Attunements Package b Marijana Gabrielsen

EUR 19.99

This package contains these 5 attunements

Yellow-Golden Family Tree from Archangel Jophiel

 Yellow-Golden Family Tree can help us clean and clear any negativity that is inherited from our ancestors which might be imprinted in our DNA. By healing ourselves we heal previous generations. This energy further teaches us to forgive our ancestors all the way back from the first line.

Wishbox from Venus

 Wishbox from Venus has similar properties as a Ruby and it can help us to discover the true wishes of our hearts! It might not be what we think we wish and need, but what we truly need. It will be the true wishes and needs of our soul. You can even create a real physical wish box with this energy! 

Akashic Records from Archangel Michael

 Akashic Records from Archangel Michael is a very bright energy that consists of a mixture of light blue and blue color. This energy is intended to clean all the bad memories from your Akasha. There might be negativity from past lives, or something you did in this life, something you might have said that you didn't mean, etc. This energy has the ability to show you what the issue is and then clear it from the Akashic records.

Mother Connection Energy from Moon

Mother Connection Energy from the Moon is a very light and bright energy that is intended to clear and purify the connection you have with your mother. Not only in this life but also for past incarnations you had with your mother!

 White Curtain from Archangel Michael

: The name White Curtain is a metaphor. Remember when you were a child and you were hiding behind the curtain so no one sees you? This energy is doing something very similar. It has the ability to make you invincible for evil spirits and entities, so they don't attack you, place implants on you, or haunt you. After activating this energy you will be invincible for spells and curses. This energy will further raise your vibration and help you realize how strong and powerful being you are! You can use the energy of White Curtain on rooms, apartments, houses. It can even be used for a town. The energy lasts for 24 hours before it has to be re-activated.

you receive pdf manuals,  and Chi Ball Attunement.

An emailed will be sent to you when your attunements are ready

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