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Aphrodite’s Love Light by Marijana Gabrielsen

EUR 7.99

Aphrodite’s Love Light is a radiant mixture of white and gold energy connected to the heart chakra.  This energy will help us to open up for partnership love.  It is good especially when we start a relationship with someone or even before we meet a person in the physical realm. Because getting to know ourselves better is making us more able to be someone’s "other half".  
  The energy is about how to understand oneness with a person, so as to say the concept of twin flames, the same soul.  It can be used to help you find your true mate. If you have already found your true mate, it can help you to have a better relationship with that person.  The energy is good to help you achieve a deep meditative state. Start the energy flow and have the intention of connecting to the soul of your partner. If you met a partner, you can do it together, or you can do it by yourself. It will reflect on a relationship and on the person anyway. Furthermore, the energy is good for cleansing all unnecessary issues

you receive pdf manual,  and Chi Ball Attunement.

An emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready

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