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AGAPE Archangel of Love© by Christiana Kluge

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AGAPE Translated means: GOD'S LOVE
Agape is a messenger, an archangel of God, who attends to the affairs of your soul so that whims do not interfere with people's growth. In this way it helps man to fulfill his true mission in this life.
AGAPE teaches to love!
She is unselfish, merciful, expects nothing, just loves without expectation.
She lets you understand relationships between beings, which means she also understands that love comes in many different forms and manifestations. Love is complex and AGAPE is not willing to let others get in the way. She knows that love is a mysterious, powerful, absolutely amazing feeling in all its beautiful manifestations.

Love is great, love is good, love is god.
LOVE is ubiquitous!

"Love is the state of being in which the health/welfare/wellness of another is paramount."
Therefore, you literally cannot hurt the one you love without hurting yourself. With AGAPE you can experience healing!
AGAPE is self-giving and comes with no strings attached!

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