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Akasha Dimension┬ęby Christiana Kluge

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Retrieve the sacred knowledge
To get in contact with beings from the world of light and the divine dimensions, to perceive their presence and to feel them,

requires experience and practice and means more than what is popularly referred to as clairvoyance.

Open the third eye, train personal sensitivity and intuition

and continue to refine are central steps,

about the infinite potential of the light worlds and their beings

to recognize and to use positively and helpfully for our own soul path.

Feel the resulting new energy and the new shine

in your life, nothing will ever be the same again

how it was before this experience and it's like being suddenly

 eyes have been opened to a new dimension.

This experience is a deep and

great enrichment on your individual path

and the journey into the light and the other worlds.

All of our lives are in the Akashic Records
written down to the smallest detail.


The earth has a very special role in the universe,

she is the training planet.

We come here to learn

so that our souls may ascend into light consciousness.

When you are faced with important decisions in your life
and don't know exactly how to proceed,
or what to choose
this energy system is certainly the
absolutely right guide for you.
Let yourself be guided and immerse yourself in the dimension of the Akash

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