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Competition boosts business Energy by Christiana Kluge

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9/2019 - 49.00

Are you having trouble with the heavy workload and the pressure to perform, with which you're struggling?

Do you want to do your job well, without competition - without too much stress???

Judgment, values, competitiveness, Attack, jealousy, envy, rage, hate, Deceit, victimization, addiction, Self-importance etc, are all aspects of the negative ego and you want so much to grow and prosper, so they bind and entangle you in duality. But the pure Divine Light wants from you, the complete dissolution of your ego, devotion, unconditional love and a truthfulness of self. Give all your strength to the purpose, to let go all the qualities of the negative ego! Some tend to be destructive envy and are trying to keep competitors off their backs. This can be aggression or blasphemy, send nasty emails or SPAM, against the rival, but it can be can also be passive-aggressive behavior. Others in such situations are more likely to fall into the depressive envy, : "Suffers the confidence, ...and that person can no longer call on his or her power!" You weaken your own energy and potential!

You fall physically ill!!! When I see what others are doing, then I should accept that!

Can't I just appreciate the person behind it?

A good Reiki teacher or any other boss, should have no competitive thinking and not to withhold anything from his students/employees! With this energy you're going to maintain your integrity and bring back every day again the readiness, to be honest with yourself. So be alert and let only divine and light-filled thoughts. You make better decisions, so you can achieve your goals more easily. Ideal for people who feel very easily distracted and a short attention span and are weak with envy and anger,have.

You receive pdf manual,  and Chi Ball Attunement

an emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready.

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