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Lady Nada`s mother-child conflict flush© by Christiana Kluge

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For a child, the mother is always the first great love. The physical connection through pregnancy and the close bond in infancy lay the foundation for a great familiarity. But this unconditional closeness can change drastically between mothers and daughters, sons, when the sweet little ones begin to become fledged. This system helps how mothers can achieve that the relationship with their daughters and sons is not damaged in the long run despite painful conflicts. In disputes during puberty, it is usually the daughters and sons who are the more active who may rebel massively against their mother's overwhelming dominance and care. The young teenagers express their feelings, such as anger or mourning, very violently in such situations, but react very unspecifically and usually do not want to reflect on the conflicts, let alone talk to their mother about them. What often remains are injured mothers who feel devalued and experience emotions such as disappointment, grief, anger, but also jealousy through the quarrels with their once small sweet children. Lady Nada would like to help you with these problems in your life. Blockades are solved. Also karmic blockades from previous lives. With this energy "Lady Nada's mother-child conflict flushing" mothers can accept their relationship with their children more calmly and negative energies are transformed so that a "normal - loving mother-child relationship" becomes possible again. Let Lady Nada help you with this empowerment and reopen a healthy relationship with maternal women, including your own feminine energy.

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