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Healing Energy for Projection and Projective Identification© Mental blockade removal Christiana Kluge

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If we want to grow as human beings, it is therefore our most important task to clear these blockades out of the way. Only then can we become the person we really are deep down inside. What is a projection? Put simply, it is a projection when we attribute to other people qualities, weaknesses or problems which we ourselves carry openly or hidden within ourselves. So when we project, we transfer our own issues, fears or worries to other people. And the common thing is that we don't usually notice it. By the way, this is also called: to conclude from oneself to others. One is convinced that one has nothing to do with this quality, one neither thinks nor feels that way, the subject is in good hands with "the others" and it does not burden one any further, unless one is confronted with it by them, then one is angry and irritated. But where this is not the case, the cognitive as well as the emotional part could be projected, one's own psyche basks in innocence, the devalued, evil, bad element is parked at someone else's and one would never come up with the idea that it could be mine. The pure projection is a mature defense mechanism, the projective identification occurs mainly in the context of severe personality disorders and is an immature defense mechanism. Here, too, the cognitive part is projected: "I'm not aggressive, but the others, I'm just fighting back." The difference is that you can't get rid of the emotional part. In self-experience, this means feeling exactly what the other is up to, how sly and deceitful he is, because the main theme of projective identification is types of aggression and manipulation. And how evil the other is, you constantly drag around with yourself, but even here you don't get the idea that it could be your own aggressions that you see: because you feel exactly what the other wants and means and think that you don't let yourself be fooled and see the truth only a little clearer than everyone else. The size fantasies that shine through here are typical for the level of severe personality disorders.

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