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Transpersonal Chakras Initiation & Secondary ChakrasĀ© by Christiana Kluge

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The 8 secondary chakras or pyramid supplementation chakras - man as pyramid: Personal Chakra Pyramid In addition to the 7 main chakras, there are 8 more chakras that fill the human chakra pyramid and make it complete. These are the so-called secondary or pyramid supplementary chakras. Together with the 7 main chakras they form the chakra and energy system pyramid of man (conscious soul-man). Man is thus an image of the divine "original pyramid" of his SGW, God and His Trinity. When a person meditates in a lotus position, this pyramid is activated and comes to the highest possible energy flow. Therefore, the lotus position is also called the most sacred position, namely the personal pyramid activating position. The 8 secondary chakras are distributed to 4 chakras each on the elbows, hands, knees and soles of both bodies: and much more info in the manual

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