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The Resolution of the Formative Force Fields of Darkness by Christiana Kluge

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You can work on yourself energetically to dissolve certain habits, behaviour patterns, reactions, addictive behaviour, aging, poor vision, bad hearing, coercive behaviour, problems in dealing with other people, low self-esteem and much more, and you will achieve wonderful results with it. But only when you have dissolved the corresponding "formative force fields" in your aura, you will finally be rid of these problems. However, force fields are not only located in the aura of humans or animals, but also above dwellings, shops, places, cities, countries, continents and the earth itself. Here you will learn how to dissolve all these dark formative force fields. Take your time, even if you have pressing problems. It is better to be well informed and thorough rather than hasty, because knowledge and care determine your success and help you avoid danger. To prevent you from falling back into old habits after some time, you can go in the same way with your consciousness to all the energies in your aura and chakras that are related to this problem. Don't forget that you have the memory of the problem stored in your brain memory and clean this as well. Eliminate behavioural disorders or pathogenic ways of thinking Dissolving addictive behaviour and all related ways of thinking Dissolving asocial and criminal tendencies Resolve depressions Dissolving Karma and much more

You receive pdf manual,  and Chi Ball Attunement

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