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Cosmic Update©Christiana Kluge

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is a 324-fold potentiation of these energy flows.

Heavenly leadership message Communication - Together - Together The data transfer of the highest completion is opened. Ambition and willpower, fate, mysticism, consciousness. Much sadness and sorrow is let loose... locked forever. Physical conditioning: cardiovascular system, lung and oxigenation system, joints, kidneys and adrenals, liver, connective tissue. Psychic conditioning: love, relationship fields, vitality/elixir, power, responsibility, helicopter vision, prosperity. In the integration of the reality of our I AM, the inherent Merkaba is also activated more and more - it is the materialized embodiment of being in the light body process and thus the adjustments will become more and more present in the subtle realms.

A passionate code has been activated, enjoy the joy of living your simple BEING. healing Energetic Purification Activations of dormant DNA, energy centers, growth patterns, higher light bodies, higher chakras Preparing the cells in the physical body to become more crystalline and carry more light.

A closer alignment with soul and monad. Increased soul awareness. Initiation with all Ascended Masters and Energies of the New Age Cosmic Clearance to transform and live energies over all time and much more

You receive pdf manual,  and Chi Ball Attunement

an emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready

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