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"Matrix Recalibration", as a word "miracle" is very appropriate here. In the beginning I was shown the effectiveness in a spectacular way ... the universe showed me how.... Every day your cells renew themselves. Whole body parts are renewed, regenerated and the cells are regularly replaced. But why is it then, if this is the case, that your bodies are not healed from their sufferings? This is because they rearrange themselves according to a specific cellular template, one of your own. As we make decisions in our lives that take us away from our Divine Templates, we lose the ability to heal. The further away we are from our original stencil design, the more we need to heal, the more work we need to correct our matrix and bring it back into harmony with health and well-being. In our diverse experiences we have slipped into the greatest density and are now suffering as a consequence. Enlightenment means bringing more light into the matrix and restoring it to wholeness and harmony. We now have new methods of science of light to help us with these problems. This energy is made just for that. It will restructure your existing matrices in accordance with the Divine Codes of Life, reactivating the slumbering parts of the matrix that have been neglected in the pursuit of denser experiences. This will bring a much needed healing to our embodiment ... Restoration will be achieved, and harmony will reign once again ... " This system is a beautifully simple multidimensional healing and transformation system that is now given to us as we ascend the Evolutionary Ladder. The frequencies enable us to pass on highly potentiated multidimensional energy to others. Their simplicity lies in the fact that they do not learn strenuous texts and information, as this work works outside of time and space. This energy itself is not new, it was used during the GOLDEN ERA of ATLANTIS. Both Edgar Cayce, the famous psychic, and Alice Bailey studied this energy, and Harry Edwards, the founder of The National Federation of Spiritual Healers, managed to use it briefly. Undoubtedly, some of his amazing healings were due in part to it. Unfortunately, the energy was not completely available before, because the Earth's energies could not fully support this high frequency until now. The cures Harry Edwards has done are only a fraction of what we have now. This energy has been waiting to get through and has finally landed. From the Avatars of Light will be this MATRIX RECALIBRATION©

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