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Light Energy of the Cherubim© spiritual self-realization cherubim frequency Christiana Kluge

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Cherubim are the brightest angels of unconditional love very close to the pure Divine Source and God's Field. They vibrate in unconditional love, purity, radiance and bring love to earth. What are Cherubim? They are the keepers of knowledge, for example the Akasha Chronicle. They also guard the access to the so-called "paradise", the state of enlightenment. In the heavenly hosts, cherubim use their musical powers to give courage and hope to their brothers and sisters in battle. Often cherubim are also used as heralds or messengers of the archangels, because they are extremely well-fortified and can also assert themselves in hostile regions alone. Each Archangel has some cherubim in his retinue, but most of them are Uries, Lord of the Trombones of Palis. Almost all the souls that Uries calls to the ranks of angels manifest as cherubim, but some of these later join other archangels. Because the archangels prefer to send cherubim when they send messages to mortals or other beings, cherubim have strongly influenced the image that mortals have of the angelic peoples. In the religious representations of many peoples, angels are therefore mostly represented as cherubim. and much more in the manual

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