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The Magic & Power of Trees © with 12 Tree Essences© Christiana Kluge

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The trees along the way have messages for us - depending on which tree our attention says a lot about our current situation. I'm gonna get out of this situation. Whether it will take us to the mighty oak or to a maple - we can hug the trees or hide them under meditate on them to regain strength. The trees have time and under the we hear their whispers - they tell of eternity and open up the gate to a time long forgotten, where they were appreciated for their healing power. and even to her as a saintly worshipped...

Trees are full of power and magic, they are closely linked to the world of fairies and elves. They possess healing powers, have a protective function and attract elves.

This is how you can personal tree, to find its properties and say a lot about our own situation.

This tree gives us strength, it watches over us. and connects us to the realm of nature.

SO HELP THE 20 TREE ESSENCES They help to relieve physical and emotional pain. They give immediate relief when the human being with another in the different views and has entangled opinions They help to relax conflicts You expand your consciousness through gentle relaxation They facilitate heart and circulatory activity They have a targeted effect on certain the organ functional systems of the body. They open through the nightly dreams Doors to the subconscious They help to increase and improve concentration Enhancement of contemplation and meditation They're completely harmless. more in the manual

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