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Abundance - Prosperity - Freedom of Money Empowerment© Christiana Kluge

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Money prosperity comes into my life in many ways with ease and joy This form of energy work is regarded as a 4-dimensional form of Reiki that supports the earth with these energies. It helps a manifest abundance and prosperity for oneself, for clients and for everyone who needs help here. "I am grateful, I live in abundance, I am successful, I am content, I give to others who need it, I am fulfilled and happy". Many people are happy to have enough money, they attract it, they spend it and share it with those they love. They are satisfied and happy and satisfied to have so much money. Now you can too! This very high energy frequency attracts the energy of money from any direction! This means that many large sums of money are attracted to you. A very financially fulfilling empowerment for all businessmen, self-employed or company owners etc. and anyone who needs money fast. If we ask the Pure Divine Source of Origin, which is the source of the whole supply, we will adapt in this way that this very high energy will constantly attract all the money we need for ourselves and more. We intend to give up, to share with people who have less or not much money. This is the condition that we do the same when we get the money. We live in times where fear of money permeates the atmosphere. These negative Energies can influence us personally especially if we constantly deal with them. Financial stress is unhealthy and the more we fear about our finances, the more we reinforce the fact that the money around us is not in the way. The purpose of freedom of money is to help transform our fear of not having money. All we have to do is believe and ask. We get what we want also MONEY in abundance!

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