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The Purity of God, the Ascension Light Elohim: Clair + Astrea ©Christiana Kluge

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The Purity of God, the Ascension Light Elohim: Clair (Purity) + Astrea Archangel + Archaii: Gabriel + Hope (Archaii of Hope) Effective Power: New Beginning, Resurrection, Ascent + Balance, Hope, Harmony Purity, Discipline, Ascent Master: Serapis Bey Angel: Angel of the white ray pers. Angel Forces: Angels of Communication Temple of light: Luxor, Egypt The light of resurrection and renewal, the light of exaltation and hope, gushes from the mighty source of the Creator guarded and radiated by the Elohim Clair and Astrea. It is this light that makes the whole cosmos sound, small and great, in divine harmony and symphony. Here the even rhythms of the planetary orbits, the revolutions, the returns, the cycles are created and sent to their destination. This divine light of harmony, purity and beauty is brought into the human world by Archangel Gabriel and the Archaii of Hope. It cleanses from past misdeeds, it dissolves the impurities in the soul's garment, it stimulates constant renewal and transformation, until the entire cosmos and all forces within it vibrate again in harmony with the divine orchestra and the dark discords are removed. It is the light of resurrection and life. Man is always given a new chance to recognize, to grow and to change. The light of hope illuminates us with this ray. Among the angels of Hope and Gabriel are the angels of beauty, harmony, symphony, purification, hope, renewal, music, diversity, death and new beginnings, proclamation and many more. much more in the manual

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