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The Tibetan Happiness Symbols or: the authorization of the "Eight treasures"© Christiana Kluge

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Victory Banner •

The victory banner stands for Buddha's body.

• The conch for his speech.

• The infinite knot symbolizes his enlightened mind and can therefore also be depicted on the chest of Buddha representations or statues.

• The umbrella stands for the head of the Buddha.

• The two golden fish are equated with the eyes of the Buddha.

• The lotus blossom symbolizes the tongue of Buddha.

• The treasure vase stands for Buddha's neck.

• The wheel for his feet. • In addition, jewels of happiness are called for the hands of Buddha.

If we apply auspicious signs to ourselves according to their symbolic content, we can derive useful guidelines for our life from them in order to attain happiness. They are for us an invitation to open ourselves and "think big": "Think big! They invite us to be inspired by the vastness of space, the infinity of possibilities and Buddha's radiant example. They invite you to realize great visions or the great vision, to discover the wonders of the world and of the mind. "Everything is possible", and if we think like this, much can develop. The desire to be there and to work for the benefit of beings guides everything in natural paths and lets useful conditions come together and people meet each other. Happiness will come.

A special female Buddha form, the so-called "Desire Fulfilling Liberator" (Dölma Tashi Döndrup, skt. Ashtamangaladevi), holds these symbols of happiness in her eight hands

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