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B u d d h a A m i t a b h a 2017 by Christiana Kluge

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At the top of the ladder of importance of symbols is the primordial Buddha. The Tibetan myths are based on an extensive pantheon of deities and gods. For example, one distinguishes between Buddha Shakyamuni as a historical personality and Buddha as a cosmic principle whose qualities lie beyond all conceptions, the all-embracing primordial soul of existence. According to Tantric teaching, five Buddhas, the Dhyani Buddhas, emerge from this original Buddha. Each of these five Dhyani Buddhas rules one of the five directions of the universe, that is, the center and the four cardinal points. They symbolize the five basic types of human experience. Each Buddha is assigned an ordinary emotion that can be transformed into a certain wisdom, that is, a certain aspect of the enlightened mind. So that the seeker can remember his spiritual goal at any time, each of these five Buddhas is also the patron of certain phenomena of the outer world

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