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TIBETAN LOTUS REIKIĀ© Level 1 & 2 by Christiana Kluge manual in english

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What does Lotus mean? The name of the Indian lotus flower means "valued plant". Especially in Asia this mystical flower has an important meaning and can stand for different symbols depending on the context. In Tibetan Buddhism, the lotus stands as a symbol for purity, which rises above dirt, grows beyond it and leaves everything behind. This symbolizes the person who is supposed to overcome the adversities of everyday life and grow beyond himself. Especially in Buddhism the lotus plays an important role, because according to legend Buddha was born on a lotus plant. Therefore, the lotus is also a symbol for divine birth and rebirth. The lotus has numerous other symbolic meanings. For example, it stands for love and affection. Even the whole creation and the world are represented by the lotus blossom. When a lotus is given as a gift, it often represents a birth or a new beginning in life, as well as the beauty of a human being. In Buddhism, lotus flowers stand for purity of words, thoughts and bodies that rise from the waters of lusts and attachments. The lotus flower is one of the Eight Promising Symbols. The different colors of the lotus flower express different aspects of perfection. There are four natural colors of the lotus as it grows in nature: Pink, blue, red and white. Red represents the heart - and its purity, original state, compassion, passion, love and other qualities. White symbolizes spiritual perfection and complete mental purity. Pink/Rosa stands for Buddha and is the highest lotus flower. Blue means wisdom, knowledge and victory over the senses. ✿Tibetisches Lotus Reiki©✿ offers everyone the opportunity to unfold in a completely new way, to discover new paths and to walk them full of joy and truthfulness. Lotus stands for wisdom and gentleness, beauty and grace, love

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