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Power and protection symbol "OM" Healing© (also Aum) Christiana Kluge

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The power symbol (and mantra) OM Healing attracts protection and peace. Topics of OM - Protection & Peace - Reiki flow intensify - Grounding & Cleaning (wholeness) - general reinforcement of life energy The ancient (ancient) mantra OM also (Aum) is spoken in order to deal with the universal to connect the life force. OM attracts protection and peace. The dot symbolizes wholeness. The semi-circle below the dot symbolizes infinity - the limited thinking is not able to grasp the wholeness - the smaller curve in the middle, symbolizes the links to the whole. The larger curve below symbolizes the material world. The curve to the right symbolizes the dreams. The sound stands for the transcendental original sound, from whose vibrations according to Hindu Understanding the entire universe arose. It denotes the highest conception of God, the formless Brahman, the impersonal soul of the world. OM is the most comprehensive and sublime symbol of Hindu metaphysics and was first introduced in the Upanishads is used. Later OM was used as the connection of the three sounds a, u, m to the object mystical meditation. Among other things it symbolizes the triad of Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma. In all Hindu religions it is considered the holiest of all mantras and symbols. With its triple nature, its special form and its unique sound, AUM offers space for numerous interpretations of its symbolism.

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