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Anti Stress Flush© Christiana Kluge

EUR 19.00

2016 - 19.00 euro

A must for those who work hard. Anti Stress Flush is very relaxing.An energy application that effectively helps against stress. Stress can manifest itself in different manifestations - from constant agitation, sleep disturbances, nervousness or lack of drive up to and including Burn-out syndrome. The cause for this is only partly the external circumstances. Much more important is how to deal with it. The burdening effect of the example, to constantly think about the future or to think about the past to grieve in situations. Normally each phase of tension is followed by a phase of relaxation. Thereby reactions are triggered in the body, which serve the recovery. These include quiet breathing, a lowered heart rate and a reduced Circulatory performance. If this recovery does not take place over a longer period of time, the Consequences for our body. The readiness to defend oneself against diseases is infectious agents can attack us more quickly.

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