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Family Stability Strengthening© Christiana Kluge Lara ´Ana

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Cohesion and solidarity are lived in the family. People find support, protection and support in the family. For a good togetherness in the families a good handling of the resource "time" is necessary. Within a family, various externally defined time structures meet: working hours, school hours, child care and nursing times. They must be reconciled. Family is in again. Most of us describe them as the most important thing in our lives. Many young people dream of marriage, children and eternal love. Together makes us strong. A family offers the best support in all vicissitudes of life. You should be able to talk about anything in the family. But how does such deep trust arise, how does one create a climate of mutual understanding? This energy family cohesion strengthening radiates a very high vibration. Free from restrictive behavioral programming from childhood and free from family patterns from previous lives. It can support you in strengthening family cohesion, separating you from issues you have held on to for a very long time and it helps to forgive yourself and others. Family Cohesion Strengthening promotes the unity of the family and brings the necessary courage to work together to solve family problems and heal emotional wounds. Initiation into family cohesion Strengthening will also help you to improve communication within the family, understanding and acceptance of each individual. This will activate healthy relationships within the family and the healing of emotional wounds,

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