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CZ Card Cleansing and Harmony Fire by Cuzco

EUR 19.99


The Harmony with the environment is very important, it is key to a successful
transformation, answers and solutions will be found in the environment 
around .

It is also an attunement to encourage you to make contact with the elemental
beings Cleans and purify our energy bodies.

Increase our manifestation power 
Increase the level of our consciousness
Build a bridge between us and the Higher Dimensions of the Universe

Others Benefits Attuement CZ Card Cleasing and Harmony Fire :
Energetic Life Force, Sexual Energy, Passion, Enthusiasm, Fidelity,  courage
Determination, Leadership.

You receive CZ Card JPG Image  ,pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement.

an emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready.

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