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Emerald Reiki by Marijana Gabrielsen

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Emerald Reiki is a blend of the essence of the crystal emerald and universal life force. 

Emerald Reiki is deeply connected to the Heart chakra. It is very good for all practitioners of Reiki or other healing modalities. combining emerald energy, which is soothing and opens the Hearth chakra, we are blessed, protected, and refreshed. 

It gives us immense strength to connect to God, to Divine. If you have a good and balanced Heart chakra, that is the base for all other chakras to be aligned, purified, and balanced. 

Emerald Reiki is as a hands-on healing system alone or in conjunction with other healing systems. 

Gemstone emerald It was used as a love stone, but it also has healing properties. connected to the Heart chakra, not only will it help with emotions, but with the physical heart too ,connected to Venus, it boosts fertility, beauty, and unconditional love. It offers hope, awareness, and prosperity.

Some Benefits of Emerald Reiki:

 It helps us to be aware of our connection to God

 Balances the Heart chakra

Suited for healing all issues related to the heart chakra and the eyes

  Heals physical body 

Love and protection and more

You receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

an emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready.

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