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CZ Card - Persimmons Pulp Essence - by Cuzco Artist Channeller

EUR 30.00

year 2021

After you receive the attunement the energy channeled in the CZ Card image is renewed automatically you throughout your life at the frequency more suitable for you.

These energies channeled in this CZ Card they can help with the following but not only! 

Use these energies for health especially during the autumn /winter period.

Persimmons are the fruit of an ancient tree .

 The properties of persimmons help to counteract inflammation, fever and all ailments of the cold season,theese powers  can also be a support for those suffering from digestive problems, and help for the proper functioning of the kidney system.

  They can also are  useful for counteracting natural cell decay,  they can giving the skin a beautiful appearance, preventing the onset of wrinkles, counteracting skin imperfections, especially cellulite.

These energies  they can also are Very useful for all those who need a boost in their daily performance, eliminate fatigue and much more .

After you have received the attunement,through focus on the image of the CZ Card you ask that these powers to flood your etheric body with their powerful vibrational frequency and you can feel guided you to find much uses of these energies!

​You can use them by your intuition and intention.

You receive CZ Card JPG Image   ,pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement.

 an emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready.

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