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Internet Security Reiki by Ekaterina Fedosova

EUR 25.00

 year 2021 - 52 euro 

The flow of Internet Security Reiki comes from the source of reiki, angelic and cosmic realms and high voodoo magic.

Internet Security Reiki will help you secure your phantom, energy, magical life on the Internet.

Every person is vulnerable being on the Internet, even if you create unoriginal, non-personal pages, sites, one way or another you leave your energy etheric imprint through which the connection passes.

You can deceive people, but it is impossible to deceive the energies, even if you try to do it in any way, the imprints always remain and are known both to the higher forces and to yourself.

Pages in social networks, communication through message programs (messengers), electronic wallets, banking services, online banking, payment systems -  when you use of all these features, voluntarily and involuntarily, you create connections. 

When you visit information sites, company sites, pages of friends and any people and communities, one way or another you leave part of your energy, your attention, you create a connection. 

This connection could be strong or weak, you could give a lot of energy or little. And you don't always get an energy exchange for your attention (for the energy given), but you can also get a negative exchange or connection.

You can activate the Internet Security Reiki stream every day or whenever you feel the need.

 Activate flow to make your life cleaner, easier and safer.

The Internet Security of Reiki will wash away and cut off all energy connections, purify you from the effects of negative energies, magical influences and any connections that burden you.

This flow helps you to maintain a balance of energies, help to you to approach the Internet resource intelligently, you will be able to more competently choose the information and connections that you maintain on the Internet.

Also, if you have an Internet addiction, you need to be constantly online - apply the Internet Security Reiki flow daily and in activation ask to protect your energy structures and brain from addiction and cut it off from you.

You can charge your pages in social networks, accounts in messengers or any activity on the Internet with the energy of the flow, charge your any gadgets that have opportunities to connected to the Internet - laptops, phones, computers and so on.
Take care of yourself and your harmony.

You receive pdf manual, with immediate Digital Download and Chi Ball Attunement.

An emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready.

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