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The Heart of Aphrodite by Jay Burrell

EUR 15.00

£15.00 - year 2021

Prerequisite: None

 The process of working with her through the activation of the Heart of Aphrodite will be quite different to anything else that you have experienced before. Working with these energies is an ongoing process where you will perform meditations and rituals to connect with the innermost vibrations of this beautiful goddess.

You will learn about the following and much more: 

 How do we honour a Goddess whose last known popular worship was thousands of years ago?

  What is Love?

  Why Do We Connect With and Worship Aphrodite?

  Where can you Worship Aphrodite?

  Mental, Emotional, Physical Space.

 Aphrodite Correspondences.

  Aphrodite Invocations, Meditations and Rituals. 

You receive pdf manual, Digital Download and Chi Ball Attunement

 an emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready

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