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Thought Progression Adjustment Shakti Mariah Windsong practictioner teacher Level

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EUR 19.99  year 2013 

This  of Thought Progression Adjustment Shakti is for  
 Master Reiki 

Some people feel an urgent need to follow the direction of Their thoughts with physical immediate action. Other people feel glued to where they are in Their Lives two to worry or fear from the future progression of the thoughts show them. 

 The spiritual assistance this energy system can bring may help you with but is not limited to:

Gain freedom from overwhelmingly negative, scary or worrisome thoughts.

Be the one guided your thoughts rather than feeling victim of your Mind's thought progressions.

Spend less time batting away thoughts That you did not purposely have or think up. 

That easily drop away thoughts do not pertain to what you want to think about.

Train your mind to treat thoughts That You purposely think with a higher priority than thoughts arriving from previous patterns of thought.

Train your mind to treat thoughts That You purposely think with a higher priority than any arriving from sifting through information it He has collected.

Train your mind to only proffer up to you future related probabilities When you ask it for That Particular type of information.

Put to rest historical topics that your mind is still using as applicable information when lifting up to you thoughts to consider.

More easily be the driver of your own mind's thought processes, instead of feeling like a prisoner of the past.

Attend to topics from your night dreams.

Attend to topics Resulting from karmic agreements not complete yet. 

Attend to topics Arising from karmic unbalance from this lifetime.

Attend to topics Arising from physical ancestral karmic issues

Adjust soul lineage ancestral mind patterns to serve you here and now.

Reduce the adverse effects of various mental illnesses or challenges.

Tone down the chatter in your mind That does not apply to what you are thinking about consciously.

Manifest your heart's desire easier Because the power of your mind with blackberries be focused in accord with your emotional power. 
and more !

You receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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