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CZ Card - Multidimensional Magickal Beings by Cuzco

EUR 19.99

Greenman, Nymphs, Gnomes, Elves, Fairies etc. are magickal beings  are multidimensional.

 They can move in and through the physical realm.

 Everything is energy and nothing is truly solid. 

Their energies are lighter and their allows them to move in and out of different dimensions, which all co-exist at the same time in the same space.

 We sense them, feel their presence, and  can communicate with them 
psychically through telepathy or visions.

Working   with these energies  strengthens and enhances your abilities to connect and work with the Magickal Beings and their energies, will connect you to all magickal beings  for assistance with healing, abundance, magick, protection, fertility,  love, happiness, and beauty and more.

you  receive pdf manual ,CZ Card JPG Image with immediate Digital Download and Chi Ball Attunement.

An emailed will be sent to you when your attunement are ready.

you  receive pdf manual ,CZ Card JPG Image  and Chi Ball Attunement.

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